Monday, July 5, 2010

The Red Sketchbook


Have I groused recently about the red sketchbook project I have been unable to start? Guess what? I actually started it. Perhaps artist's block is gone.

Had a venti latte on my way home from 4th of July BBQ with Mom at SBdaughter's ( yesterday so of course I couldn't go to sleep. Set up a makeshift desk on my bed - the one with the brand new mattress that is soooo comfy - and started drawing away!

Am using the webcam as the cord for the camera still hasn't turned up so you get a little bit of background in the picture :[. This is the title page. May color it in later but it's a start anyway. See the D for Dog?

And here is the author page. Love the cat icon after my name!

Have you ever tried to hold something to get a straight picture with a webcam? Everything has to move backwards or perhaps it is mirror image....... A bit of a mind bend for me.

And here is the first layer of the first drawing. It isn't done but I have a good start. This is my beloved dog Roxy when she was just four weeks old!

Stay tuned for the final version.

Calling all dog and cat lovers!

Help me fill all 80 pages!

If you have a picture of your dog or cat I am collecting them to draw and put in my book. Send them to me via the comment section of this blog and I will send you a photo of the final drawing. And your furry friend's drawing will go into a museum with art house co-op.


Jaye said...

YAY! You started. You have inspired me. Perhaps I will do the project? I could do backgrounds of the pages at the next Juicy Journals class at a Work of Heart.

Sherri said...

hey Mary, feel free to look at my German Shepherd's photos at:

"Her" blog hasn't been up too long and some of the photos might be good ones to work with. You can "take" any of them that you wish! :)

orkaloca said...

wow mary, thanks for this kind offer!
I've two cats, you can see a photo of Dakota here or here

And this is Pedalino: here or here

thank you, have a nice day!


Beth said...

I have a GSD and a Tabby/Siamese cat... photos are on my Flickr... in Cast of Characters... If you would like the files let me know.

Beth -Now In -Pretoria, South Africa

Michele at Sweet Leaf said...

Here's my lovely Newfie mix, Maggie :

Here's another one :

I've been wanting to draw her myself, but I don't know where to start!

Michele at Sweet Leaf

MaryC said...

Thanks all! This will keep me busy. :)

Karen S said...

Hi Mary! There are dogs all over my blog:

but this is one of my favorite pictures of Rosie: