Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cat ABC I mean ATC!

Another Atc created while thinking about the infamous red sketchbook. Didn't work on "red" yesterday as the boys have come to visit! That is the human boys - grandchild and nephew - the best boys in the world!

Anyway, perhaps this little alphabet cat will turn into the whole alphabet of animals, or specifically, catz and dogz. The title page of the red sketchbook has a "D" dog I may expand on.

Have to go now - Super G needs a shower.


Sherri said...

Oh how very cute! (the cat letter) I ALMOST wish I had joined that journal challenge. lol It will be fun, seeing what you do with yours over the next few months!

Jaye said...

Perhaps you should paint the outside cover if it is giving you such fits? You could mod podge over it with newspaper words?

I like the idea of an animal alphabet. Great idea!