Saturday, July 3, 2010


Sitting at Starbucks the other day I drew this in my pursebook (a sketchbook which also has lists, phone numbers, and other ephemera) without much thought. Now I wish I had drawn it in my 'raining dogz and catz' book. I may still.

Going to see my granddogs tomorrow and will take my camera. Want to draw them in my book. My granddogs also have a kitten, Reagan, who looks like a baby version of the Easy Street Cat, Orangey. So he will get his picture taken and sometime I will draw him in the sketchbook, too.

I did the title page and have started a drawing on the first page of Roxy as a baby lying in my hands. I hope it turns out well. I have printed up several pictures of the cats and dogs I love or have loved to draw. Bulldog, above, is my interpretation of a dog from a magazine.

Now I'm worrying that I am doing too much 'fine' art drawing. But it doesn't matter right now anyway cause Mom came over to the table to play solitaire and I can't draw because that shakes the table. So I'll just blog for a while.

I have misplaced the cord for my camera which transfers pictures to the computer. The Big Guy says I can get one at any Radio Shack, probably Circuit City or Best Buy, too. In the meantime I took the above picture with my webcam. That worked but isn't as accurate as the camera.

Hopefully, my next post will be out of the 'catz and dogz'. Keep your fingers crossed.

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Jaye said...

Perhaps you can copy your bulldog and paste it into the Moleskine, then journal over it or make different types of art using that one image with different techniques? Love the bulldog by the way.

Perhaps you need to include a dog park photo?

I hope you can get Smiley and Coalmine into the book. Wouldn't that be nice? Old and new pets?

You can get a device from Radio Shack where you can put different cards (like your camera or phone memory card) into it and it transfers the pictures or data to the computer. Might be more versatile since your camera card will show up eventually.