Saturday, July 10, 2010

The red Sketchbook - Baby Roxy

Going thru my 'edit blog' page I found that I had never posted this drawing! Or this some of it is outdated, for example, I did make squares for the TN flood victims, JJ suffered mightily from his sunburn but WLs T-shirt protected him and I peeled but had no pain from the sunburn (give me ten years and I'll get some ugly bumps on my skin :( .....)

Didn't fix the thumbnail but may yet do that. Baby Roxy has grown up and is shivering from cold lying on my lap in her G-ma's Flower Garden crocheted coat. So read on for an early summer blog...........

This is The Best Dog in the World at four weeks old. She is the first drawing in the red sketchbook.

BTW, thanks for all the great dog and cat pictures! We sure have some handsome 'animal companions', don't we?

Once again, looking at this drawing in the photo shows me a glaring defect! The thumbnail needs to be toned down! My eye just zeros in on it. So I guess this is just iteration number two and not the final!

I was looking at The lazy Quilter's blog this a.m. and saw that she is also (along with artquiltmaker) making 12 1/2 inch squares for the flood victims in Tennessee. I guess I'd better get my act in gear and do it, too. I really want to so should just sign off and get myself in gear!

Had quite a day yesterday at Hurricane Harbor with the best boys in the world. They went on the scary slides, I just floated the river with them and went in the wave pool. When I was a kid we had a place called Pop's Willow Lake. It was a series of concrete pools of all different depths, very shady with grass all around. HH reminded me of that on steroids! The tag line all the workers say instead of 'have a nice day' is 'have a Magic Mountain day'. I figured out what that means: Spend every red cent you brought with you today! It has been almost twenty years since I have been to a theme park and I had forgotten how expensive it can be. Luckily I couldn't get the amount I thought I would need from the ATM so got $50 more. Came home with $19.75 and feel lucky to have that. Cost almost as much as Mom and me flying home on Monday! Hope the boys took away some good memories! Have no pictures as the camera isn't waterproof. Did I mention we are all sunburned? Bad Aunt Gramma! Did I mention walking on concrete threw my knee out (again!)? Oh the price of fun!

Better pull out fabric for that 12 1/2" square!

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Sherri said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog and Jaye's too. Your links have a flaw have a double http in front of the blog links so they are not working.

I like making blocks for causes as it gives me a great chance to try just one block pattern to see if I like it enough to make a whole quilt from it!

I can see why you don't like the thumbnail, but it didn't jump out at me. I only noticed it when you drew attention to it. I think all you'll have to do is soften the line of the nail and it will tone down for you.

Your trip to the water park brought back memories. Empty pockets and all those silly trinkets you pay too much money for!!! I still have two ceramic poodles from the county fair I went to over 40 years ago!!! I bet they were work a few cents and probably cost me a couple dollars to 'win' them!