Monday, November 23, 2009

Life is short - eat dessert first!

In March of 2008 my 84 y.o. mother and I went on a cruise on the Queen Mary II. It was my first cruise and what a way to start out. I am totally spoiled and only want to cruise for vacations from now on. I took pictures of a lot of the food as the presentation was so beautiful! The pic above is a mousse and tasted as wonderful as it looks!
A few minutes ago I checked out Art Quiltmakers blog and from there went to Lazy Quilter's blog. Her posting celebrated blog number 250 by having a contest. For one chance to win one needed to post a comment, which I did. For two chances to win one needed to mention the contest in their blog - so I am doing that, too. I think her blog is misnamed, however. She was talking about the five quilts she was in the midst of quilting! If that is a lazy quilter then I am not a quilter at all! The total output of my quilting this year is ten patches for the double wedding ring quilt I started in January of 2008! At this rate it will be done in ten years! So how do I motivate myself? All comments welcome


Jaye said...

One seam a day should be your goal. You would be amazed at what you get done if you stick to that goal.

Sherri said...

Thanks for entering my contest. I have you down for two entries! And I am lazy in that I don't worry about all the fine points of quilting just yet. I just make 'em and am driven to just keep on making them! lol

MaryC said...

I should know that. I tell my art students to paint one square inch a day -just as Annie Lamott says to write one square inch a day in "Bird by Bird"