Sunday, November 8, 2009

Journal page


I just viewed Art Rat's blog and especially enjoyed her doodles. Really liked the pen and ink medium. I do wonder what size they are and what she plans, if anything, to do with them. I like the fact that she draws often and well while creating other art (quilts), too. Her drawings motivated me to draw more, too. Maybe I will be able to finish my journal/sketchbook by the end of November. I have been mostly sketching, not much journaling. Things have been pretty quiet, thankfully
The collage/drawing above is different from what I usually do. It was inspired by the change of seasons, the change to standard time which makes it dark earlier and a general malaise brought on by all of the above. Finding the leaves on the Newsweek cover helped, too.
The meeting today, which I expected to elicit some morose drawings was so sparsely attended that I couldn't draw unobtrusively - there were only about ten people in addition to the board, present. So no ominous drawing today!
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Jaye said...

Your journal page makes me think of a piece made from felted wool in the shape of leaves cascading down in the manner you show. You could add some stitching with non-shiny Perl cotton type thread.

Quilt Rat said...

hello, do you mean me? I just love to doodle those prompt words Jaye gives us. Some will lead to designs for art quilts, I have turned a number of them into postcards, I have lots of ideas.......never enough time.
You wonder what size? They are being done in a 6 x 8 sketchbook so each drawing is likely about 4 x 6

MaryC said...

I think your drawings are really good. They would make great postcards - like in the books of postcards one can get.