Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More Scrapitude cutting!!!

Started putting the corner posts on the scrapitude sashing and found I had cut only half of them!  Considered cutting the rest from the batik  jelly roll I got at the Manteca show but then realized I have a box of 2 1/2 inch scrap blocks. So have pulled that out and, other than measuring each one, it has been an easy solution! Phew! (Visualize me wiping my brow in relief!)

This is my sewing table! The box at the bottom is my 2 1/2 ich scrap box. The computer - a little notebook - has the scrapitude directions up so I do it right. The boxes behind my Featherweight have the different pieces of scrapitude in them.

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Diane Rincon said...

Are you enjoying the process? I'm working on scrapitude bit by bit also. It's all cut, but I'm laying it out a piece at a time, a little iffy, but that's ok. My featherweight is working well for me too. I enjoyed reading about your trip to San Francisco with Jaye.