Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Day in San Francisco

I went with Artquiltmaker to San Francisco the other day.
Union Square from the fourth floor of the Macy's building (Starbucks kiosk)

We had intended on going to the Asian Art Museum to see the Yoga exhibit. I misread the web site on hours of operation and when we arrived we found that it, like most museums, was closed on Monday. So we decided to do a little fabric therapy and got on Muni and took ourselves to Britex. What a candy shop for sewists! We went up to the fourth floor and worked our way down. Any fabric or notion one could possibly need or want was there. I thoroughly enjoy fondling all the fabric and notions while artquiltmaker found some fabric she needed.

We stopped by the Westfield center to scout out lunch possibilities but decided we were not hungry so toodled up to Nordstroms for sox and cocktail dresses (not to be worn together!) for a big do AQ has this summer. We found two very satisfactory dresses - wish I had taken pictures - and several pair of sox, none of them cashmere.

We had delicious chicken, wild rice and mushroom soup for lunch - hearty, healthy and gluten free!

We then wandered over to Crate and Barell to look at lamps for AQ's living room. The one she had in mind looked way too big for the space so we looked at others but without satisfaction. On our way out we saw my dream, water saver drought watering can!


 Ad AQ bought it for me for Mother's day!

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