Monday, September 23, 2013

The Big Guy and I delivered the Orphan Block Quilt to our daughter in Montana in August. We stayed a few days to visit, too!

A week before Christmas TBG asked me to  make this for his daughter (my favorite step-daughter) for Christmas! I said I'd love to  make her a quilt, how about for her birthday in March? Even that was a stretch as I had several quilts going - a block of the month, a buck-a-block and two childrens quilts for my girlfriends grandchildren. But I always love starting a new quilt. I love deciding what kind I am going to do, the design, the colors and piecing it all together. Roller Derby Daughter is a combination of all the good qualities of both her parents and she is a pleasure to be with. I had promised her a quilt with wool batt because it gets cold in Montana, where she lives. But more about that later.
This mermaid block is from a piece of Laurel Burch fabric I have and love.I used it because RDD has great and long hair, very curly.

This is the backing that I chose. It is  reproduction of an eighteenth century fabric commissioned by the DAR. I made the back all one fabric in case RDD didn't like the front.

The bright color strip is from a color challenge quilt I did early in 2012 at Quilter's Quarters - Stockton.  It was a lot of fun.

Just thought I'd stick this in! It is my own design and I stitched in the ditch to quickly quilt it.

This pinwheel was in my orphan block bin. I don't remember why I made it but I really like the dark-medium-light contrast in it.

This was the first block of the block of the month I did last year. It was the second one I did and I reduced it from a twelve inch block to a six inch block. I like it a lot better small but the lower left corner was really hard to piece!

This block was a practice block I did with my own fabrics before doing the block with the "official" fabrics. It was after I realized that my piecing left something to be desired. Doing a practice block worked out the kinks. The center is appliqued.

All in all this was a real learning experience for me. Here is what I learned: 
1.  I don't like following directions
2.  I am a freethinker when it comes to making a quilt. My design, my way!
3.  I am a little sloppy when I sew.
4.  I give my quilts to non-quilters (usually) and they love them no matter how they look so I can do what I want.
5.  I will do a quilt and let others pick the colors but I don't enjoy it.

P.S. Here are three of the other quilts I was working on  when I started this one (all finished and delivered)

This is called Puppy Love.

This is Kestrel's cousins for a little girl named Kestrel who lives in Idaho.

This is R.J. and Sarah's wedding quilt and it currently lives near Venice, Italy. It is my own design and my cousin-in-law and I picked out the colors. I designed the quilt and I love it.

Happy Quilting!


EngrSandi said...

I love the quilts in this post, especially the free-form ones. One of these days I'll let one grow like that, but I'm usually pretty controlled, so it will be a big stretch for me.

Diane Rincon said...

I'll echo Sandi above. All of your quilts are interesting and unique. But especially the mermaid quilt appeals to me, the free form nature of it in structure and materials. Thanks for sharing your photos!