Sunday, September 29, 2013

Garden Gnomes

The big Guy as a garden gnome!

The Big Guy has a birthday next week. What to give him is always a conundrum for me as he has at least three of everything he might want!  While riding home from Mom's last week with artquiltmaker we stopped in Pismo Beach at Quiltin Cousins. This is a cute little shop with lots of fun fabrics.  The owner had curtains on the windows in the back of the store made from a garden gnome border print fabric by Michael Miller.  TBG is a master composter and dresses like a giant garden gnome when he speaks to gardening groups. What better gift than a garden gnome pillowcase!

(FYI - I just blew away two paragraphs two times! AARGG)

 Well, enough of this. Here is the picture. It is obvious what I did and that when laid on the bed it will be just fine!

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