Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Today I'm trying something new! I have been having a lot of trouble typing in my thoughts on blogger. Words  into thin air. So I am going to type all the words into my word processing program then transfer to a new blog post.

I am finding that the words still jump around, disappear and evade the cusor. For some reason it seems more manageable in the word processor.

The other day I was happily typing away when a whole paragraph flew into the ether, never to be seen again! The pictures stayed so, in theory, I could go back and re-write it. However, that would entail finding the train of thought I had been riding!  That engine left the track at the same time the paragraph took off!  I'll give it a try, anyway. In the meantime this little missive will get posted.

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Sherri D said...

By any chance, are you using a Mac? I had this happen to me too, but only on my Mac and it has been a while since then.

Just curious!