Friday, July 5, 2013

Tea Pops

The Thingy

The Big Guy and I love ice cream. Who doesn't? But the lactose bothers us both, if we buy a half gallon in the store we buy two because I don't like the kind he likes, and then we eat it all in three days.

So the other night we took Roxy in her service dog jacket and went to BR for ice cream so there would not be any in the house to chow down on. It was $10! For five scoops of ice cream! That is one for Roxy and two for the adults. Geeze - two ice cream visits and we could have gone out for dinner! I definitely needed an alternative.

Blueberries in resevoir
Last time I was at K-Mart I had mindlessly thrown a popsicle maker thingy in my basket. It came home and has been sitting on the counter for a couple of weeks. Well, my ice cream dilemma and the popsicle thingy met head on and tea pops came into being. I filled the body of the thingy with blueberries and topped it off with decaf green tea. Last night we tried them. Delicious!

The calorie count was almost nil. None for the tea and maybe 30 for less than a quarter cup of blueberries. Maybe next time I will do sliced bananas and almond milk with a dash of vanilla. Yum!

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