Friday, November 23, 2012

On Life and Blogging absence

I became so frustrated with typing on my computer and concurrently blowing away that which I had just typed that I stopped blogging.  Yesterday, at a lovely family Thanksgiving dinner, there was so much talk of blogging that I became inspired to blog once again. So, I'm back.

I may or may not have mentioned on previous blog entries that housekeeping is not one of my strong suits. I did, however, within the past week, evict all spiders and their cozy homes from the house. Yesterday I was sitting in my comfy chair and noticed that there were three (count them - THREE) layers of thick spider webs going from window to bookcase! I felt totally invalidated in the spider web eradication department.  At the same time, the Big Guy and I had been discussing Christmas decorations. I flashed on a fantastic idea for decorations! Now don't laugh until you see pictures because I really am going to do this...

Since the spiders have failed to desist in their web building I am going to have them join in the festivities by sprinkling their webs with either red or green glitter! A Paper Addict suggested that using red would also have the house decorated for Valentines day and the Fourth of July!

After a brief search, I could only find silver glitter. It works great! My spiders have stars in their eyes :-)

Martha Stewart eat your heart out!
Starfall off the fridge cliff

Waiting for Abe Lincoln to step out into the starry night and speak!

Stars over the barn

Spidey checking out the new decor


Sherri D said...

hahahahahahahohohohohohohohehehehehehehe! You crack me up! What a MARVY idea.

Jaye said...

Hahahaha!!!! Looks great! I'll see if I have any red glitter for you.