Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I realized this morning that I have been quilting up a storm since the spring when I joined the 'Block of the Month Club' at Quilters Quarters in Stockton (their site is under construction so no link).

We (cousin Donna and I) started the quilt pictured above by purchasing fabric at Beverlys in Carmichael on December 1st. I spent about three days on the design, discarding the first because each square had 66 pieces and there were 20 squares! We were looking for quick and easy and that was definitely neither!

This design has three sizes of patches, 20", 10" and 10x5 1/2" and is queen size. I had about a quarter of it sewn together by Sunday night but had made an appointment with a new quilter for Wednesday morning (yes, tomorrow!) so told the Big Guy he was on his own and sewed non-stop pretty much all day. Started at nine in the morning, stopped for lunch, stopped about four to help cut wood (as that is how we heat our house and there is another story there, check facebook), then again at six because the Big Guy offered to take me to dinner at Black Bear. Continued sewing until eleven when I had the top and back finished and ironed!  So, will take it to the quilter and hopefully get it back ASAP. Then Donna and I will sew on the binding.

Artquiltmaker said that I sew well under pressure and she is right!

Here are the rest of this years quilts, only one still not finished.  Well, actually the new one isn't finished but it will be before the end of the year

Solid challenge "Grafix"

Colby's quilt "For the Love of Dogs"

Spotlight pattern, shop sample top

Kestrel's quilt "Kestrel Cousins" Unfinished

Storybook quilt top, shop sample

San Joaquin County Fair "A Bountiful Harvest Challenge. "Picnic Guests"

Wow, six finished and one being quilted. I think that might be an all-time record for me!


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Jeanne said...

I love love love 'Grafix - it's got enough to keep my eye moving around without being chaotic. I think I remember you saying you didn't love the choices for the challenge, but I think that one in particular is really successful.

mckittycat said...

Great output. I too love Grafix. I also love the raptor panel quilt - even unfinished. Mary Ann