Saturday, November 19, 2011

Little Red Dog - my new granddog!

As posted a few months ago, my favorite (plug your ears Roxy, Bob and Cloe) dog in the whole world, Red Dog, moved on to that great dog park in the sky.  I know he is chasing pregnant angel mini-horses to his heart's content with Truman at his side!

So, my daughter, who now only had two dogs, and VERY old dogs at that, adopted a little pit puppy.  After much debate on face book she decided to change Thelma's name to Jayne.  Jayne came home from the SPCA in San Francisco with aspiration pneumonia as the SPCA insisted on spaying her (at 6 weeks!!!!) before she could be brought home.  

 She was an instant hit with the boy!           

 Cloe decided she was the mother! And the real mother made sure Jayne had plenty of toys!

The big old dogs taught her how to escape and then come back in and redecorate the kitchen with a kitschy faux dog print theme!  I wonder what the carpeting looks like? :(

I am looking forward to meeting Jayne, hopefully before she reaches her weight limit!

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