Tuesday, January 10, 2012

She's Baaaaack!

Yes, I am indeed back.  My blogging ability is quite curtailed, however.  My mini computer was stolen and our internet provider went belly-up so I am using my daughter's ancient desktop once a week when I visit.  I sent my antique laptop to be repaired and should have it back in a few days.  Then will have to find a reasonably priced internet service provider,  I looked at ads for Clear 4.  Has anyone heard of that company?  It seems to be reasonably priced and have the service I want.  There is also an office for them in the next town over so it is pretty convenient.  Am going to check it out when my computer comes home.

No pictures for this blog as they were on my computer.  Also, my yahoo password seems to have been changed because I can't get in with any of the passwords I use.  Probably the skinny bums who stole it.  I say they are skinny because they got into the truck (where I had stupidly left my computer) through the shell window which is only about ten or twelve inches wide.

We had really nice holidays.  Spent Christmas with our NoCal family and New Years with our SoCal family.  Everyone is well and seems happy.  A nice thing this year is that gifts were not excessive. I was glad to see moderation abound!

Our puppy has a  hot spot so The Big Guy got a cone for her so she wouldn't lick it.  She hates it.  Refuses to walk around.  When I left to pick up the grandson today I realized I had forgotten something and went back home.  The Big Guy gave in and took her cone off. :(

The grandson gave me a sketchbook for Christmas.  It is my favorite kind - black hardbound with acid free paper.  I painted the front cover and spine and have started applying gesso to the pages.  I plan on painting in it and the gesso will keep the paper from falling apart.  It feels like painting.  Anybody remember the artist who paints everything white?  His name is not on the tip of my tongue but I remember seeing his work at SFMOMA years ago.

Well, it is late and I have to make the 82 mile trek back to the Central Valley so I will sign off.  Will try to blog again soon and will hopefully have sketchbook pictures to show you (not all white!:})

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Munsell Color said...

Mary, we're glad you're back to blogging, band that you have such a CUTE new granddog! Hope your quilting is still going strong!