Friday, November 11, 2011

This 'n That

Have been wanting to post a blog for several days but have just now found the time to sit down and do it.  Today I had planned on, with the help of my talented, handsome and strong grandson, moving some furniture out of storage. But, alas and hurrah, it is raining so that odious activity has been cancelled.  This leaves me at my daughters, in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere conducive to writing.

I have been home almost a week from a two week trip to SoCal where I visited my darling mom. We generally and thoroughly wore ourselves out doing important stuff and fun stuff! All that activity left me no time to write.

So now I have been home almost a week.  My bags are unpacked, but the laundry isn't done because it has been so cold the clothes don't get dry.  I have been hanging one load every day and a half in the house.  So the accumulation of the Big Guy's dirties and the few I brought home isn't going down very fast! Oh well, it isn't going anywhere, either!

Tuesday the Big Guy woke up in the early morning hours with a swollen knee. We spent the afternoon at the VA getting that looked at - pure torture for him as the Rheumatologist did a needle biopsy without anesthesia.  He held really still but bellowed like an R rated, gored bull.  I watched without passing out.  Diagnosis is pseudo-gout.  His second bout, the first one was four years ago and through misdiagnosis and lackadaisical care landed him in the hospital for nine weeks with MERSA.  So, we didn't wait this time.  Hopefully the outcome will be better.  He researched gout in his extensive medical book collection and is convinced cherries will cure him.  A trip to Trader Joe's for dried cherries is in order on the way home.  At least they won't hurt him!

I finally finished the top of William's food quilt and sent it off to my friend Judy to be quilted.  I'm hoping I get it back in time for his birthday the end of the month.  In the meantime I took out a repair I've had for several years and plan on finishing that.  It is an old quilt which belongs to our friend Hugh.  Hugh and his wife, Consuelo, live in Brentwood.  We are going to that area next month for the second of the Big Guy's Santa gigs and I would like to deliver the quilt then.  But in the meantime I also have to make a Santa jacket for the Big Guy.

On a final, and exciting (for me) note, one day last week I was poster child for the Munsell Color facebook page!  They saw my Sept. 19 blog post "Color Obsession Using Color Theory" and anointed me poster child.  Woo Hoo!

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