Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Once again it has been a while since I've blogged. Got bad news, not unexpected, from Mom's doctor.  He says she has Alzheimer's. He expects she will be able to live alone another six months to a year. She can no longer drive or make legal or financial decisions.
Mom goofing around - she has not lost her sense of humor

Needless to say, this has created a new dynamic in the family.  The steps have stepped up to help. Perhaps we should have asked sooner. Friends are driving her around.  My girls (women) are doing paperwork and spending more time with her. Apaperaddict daughter, who has been spending more time with her had to leave on a month-long trip for work. Artquiltmaker has been doing tons of paperwork and liaising with the attorney and financial guy. I have many easy little jobs.  I am, however, paralysed. I feel as though I have lost my best friend!  So I do nothing until I am under the wire and then scurry around like a little mouse.

On a totally different plane, The Big Guy and I were Chrismated into the Holy Orthodox Church on Orthodox Great and Holy Saturday - May 4th.  This journey, started last September, has brought us peace, joy and direction. Saturday was wonderful.

The Big Guy and I after Chrismation in the narthex of St. Basil's Greek Orthodox Christian Church

 TBG has on a white kilt which I made Friday in about 90 minutes! We couldn't find white pants on short notice and, of course, fabric is always available. Making the kilt was similar to making drapes!  We looked stunning - he more than I.

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