Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Finished and inspired from April.

Last week I finally finished "Kestrel's Cousins".  After I had put the binding on I realized I had purchased some Kaffe Fassett fabric for the binding but didn't use it.  I'm doing Quilter's Quarter's Buck-A-Block which uses KF fabrics.  So I may use it for that.

Between the Buck-A-Block and Block-of-the-Month I will have enough blocks for three quilts (because I make a sample block  before I do either of those). I have challenged myself to use the Flynn Frame I HAD to have to quilt them.  It is currently gathering dust behind my studio door. Am determined to become a better machine quilter.

Well, I just blew away a whole paragraph! But I remember what it was about so I can write it again!

As promised, I ripped out some of the stitching on my whole cloth quilt and remarked it. Thursday night I worked on it for about and hour and completed quite a bit.  I can see a pinprick of light at the end of the whole cloth tunnel - whoopee!

I briefly looked at The Scientific Quilter blog this morning. The name inspired a possible new design for a block - will let you know if it comes to fruition.

Artquiltmaker and I are on a road trip to visit my mom. We had a very nice trip down. I didn't have to drive at all and was totally relaxed (except when the raven dive bombed the windshield) because AQ is such a good driver. Of course that is because I taught her to drive!

We stopped in Paso Robles at Birch Quilts (the online store is called Fabric Worm) which is a light and airy shop with

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