Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rain, rain......

Started raining this morning about 10:30.  We are supposed to get two inches this week!  The winter so far has been very dry - only .5 inches in two days of rain up to today.  So I am glad we are having a good storm.  However, I do wonder why it had to start today, the only day of the week I have to drive over hill and dale to do my grandma business?  Murphy's law, I guess.

I have good new!  My old computer is working again!  The other day I decided to see if it would start.  I picked up the case it was in and smacked it on the floor a few times.  Then I took out the computer and turned it on.  Lo and behold - the mailto:d@# thing worked!.  So now my mission is to get wifi into the house again.  I'm thinking about getting one of those mobile hotspot thingies.  My main concern is price, second concern is reliability.  Don't want an inexpensive service that will go bankrupt like our last one did.  Any suggestions?

Had a good weekend.  Sunday the Big Guy and I went to Turlock to the Carnegie Art Center to see the Yvonne Porcella retrospective.  It was a small show, small venue, excellently done!  My overall impression is of lots of red silk!  The quilts require time to view them and benches were provided to give the viewer a place to sit while looking!  As everyone who is familiar with Porcella's work knows, it is exuberant!  And mostly very large. And, as I mentioned, red.

My camera was out of battery so I took pictures with my cell phone until the ticket taker came and told me no pictures were allowed (oops!).  I tried to send the pictures to my e-mail but my phone is still somewhat of a mystery to me and I couldn't figure out how to do that.  Need to talk to my techno nephew in Santa Barbara for some help.

The exhibit was inspiring for me, too. I remembered all the silk I have and am thinking of doing something with it. Something small that is easily finished.  I have had a quilt on my sewing table that I haven't worked on for a couple of weeks.  Yesterday I sat down and almost finished the machine quilting.  I have one more row of design at the bottom to do.  Needed a reference so pulled out three of my binders with reference material in them and looked through all of it.  That was fun.  I found lots of stuff I had forgotten about and lots of inspiration but not the reference I wanted (machine quilted water).  So then I searched through my small library of quilt books and found the Kathy Sandbach book I bought when I took a class from her years ago.  It had exactly what I needed but it was time to make dinner so never got back to it yesterday.  May work  on it tonight when I get home and can't sleep because I will have drunk at least one large cup of coffee on the drive back over hill and dale!

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