Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A finished quilt!

Friday night I finished the "Doggy Love" quilt which I intend to give to our friend's grandson, Colby.  Did the whole quilt myself - from the design through the piecing, machine quilting and finally the binding.  Pretty proud of myself :)

Went to the EBHQ show Saturday with Artquiltmaker artquiltmaker.com and two other friends.  This year the show broke with tradition and used the Craneway Pavillion in Richmond as the venue.  Other than being a little harder to get to it was an excellent venue.  The light is fantastic.  Often no flash was needed to take pictures.  Three of the walls are windows with a spectacular view of the bay.  The Pavillion is quite an old building which was designed by Albert Kahn as a  Ford Assembly Plant, the largest on the West Coast, in 1931.  It is now part of the Rosie The Riviter National Historic site as it was used during World War Two to build tanks.

The space is large but not as big as the hotel/convention center where it has been held in the past.  I think there were fewer vendors and quilts/wearable art on display, too.  A sign of the times, I guess.

The catering was done by the Boilerhouse Restaurant, which is next door to the venue and part of the building.  The food was excellent but the wait, even at two o'clock when we ate, was an hour long.

I was inspired by the "Silk Club" exhibit to pull out my silk bin and see if I can come up with a quilt.  I will either make a stripe triangle or the "Patch-it" pattern I tried out when I was thinking about the Grandson's food quilt. See the 3-13-11 blog post for a look at that pattern.  It is perfect for a pillow top or a small wall quilt.  It does waste lots of fabric.  I don't mind so much for the stripey fabric because I have LOTS of it and it was free.  But the solid color I bought.  I do have lots of it, have had it for years, and have no other plans for it.  So GET OVER IT, SELF!!!! Just use the stuff.  Then you can buy more :)

One of these days we will get internet again and I will be able to add pictures.  Probably not for a couple more months.  Then I will do an all picture blog post with a blog reference for each picture!

A sad note.  All the pictures of the Big Guy as Santa were on my stolen computer.  So I have none of those great, fun photos anymore.  Oh well....

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