Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from our dog, Roxy. This post really isn't about Halloween but the picture is timely and I don't have a subject specific picture to use. I was talking to my grandchild about scheduling blog postings and the comment made was that I should schedule one for 3005 and say "Hi, I'm actually dead now so this blog doesn't really matter!" The grandchild is almost a teenager - first school dance is tomorrow - we only have a month and two days of pre-teen left. The sense of humor has always been there but it is being honed to a fine point. I only have one grandchild so of course there is no better one in existence! I, luckily, have been able to be involved in the child's life since hour seven after birth. What a joyous ride it has been. The maquette from the previous post hangs in the child's room. We draw in each other's sketchbooks and spend one day a week together. I hope I stay around as long as my mom has been in my children's lives.

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