Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ducky Mama

I took a class at the Marin Needle Arts Guild on wool roving. I bought a kit to make a duck but didn't like the pictured duck so let my imagination go and came up with this duck mama with her baby under her arm. It was a lot of fun - I worked on it obsessively for about three days. Haven't done another one since! There are so many arts and crafts and techniques and styles to learn. How does one learn to focus on one thing so that ones own style develops and improves? I want to learn how to do everything! The other day we were over at the Senior Center looking at the classes offered. There is an ongoing quilt class that would be great - I could devote four hours a week to finishing all my UFOs. But there is also a woodcarving class and I have the tools already (and I know where they are!) and I have always wanted to learn to carve. But then again there is an ongoing drawing and painting class, I could hone my skills in that area. Do I really want to spend most of the week at the Senior Center? Well, I could have lunch there, too. Then I wouldn't have to cook so much! Or do dishes. That is a real plus. Could sit in on the French class and plan a trip to Paris! Or improve my driving with the AARP safety class. Gee, maybe I should volunteer and teach others how to do all this stuff! WHOA lady, calm down. Maybe putting all these opportunities into a hat and pulling one out is the way to go! Will let you know what I decide!

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