Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Final Trip to Mom's

Woke up at 5 a.m. (again) with brain going forty per (as my grandma used to say(. Made coffee and ran the dishwasher. As the post title says, I am in Santa Clarita, doing the final pack-up of my mom's house. I wish I could air lift it home and set it in the back yard so I could visit whenever I wanted! But that is magical thinking so I will have to buckle down and be 'surgical' in this sad work.

I have managed to arrange an estate sale for this weekend. This is a meant to be event as the company happened to have this weekend open. Their next opening is not til March but our escrow closes at 5p.m. on the 21st - a week from Friday. So you can see by how late I've left this how I so much do not want to do it.

Today I have to get the sisters and daughter -apaperaddict - to get the last of the stuff they want out so it isn't sold on the weekend. Then I have to CLEAN the house - yuk!

And, once again as happened last time I was here, missing mom is so hard.

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