Friday, November 22, 2013

Life getting shorter.


This is an old post I didn't get published when I wrote it. Am posting it today to document the beginning of the end for Mom. Will document other bits of her last month when I feel able
to revisit that pain.

Super G with her great-granddog, Princess Beene - a great foot warmer!

Mom has had a very bad week.  She has been getting more and more helpless since the Alzheimers diagnosis in May. When I  was down with artquiltmaker the middle of September she was having trouble getting dressed.  Last Wednesday she put her jeans on wrong and tripped and fell in her bathroom. We don't know what she hit - I suspect it was the edge of the bathtub - and she broke two ribs, sprained her shoulder, may have cracked her elbow and has various bruises and contusions. I was planning on going down the next day anyway so just left home about 5p.m. and got to Santa Clarita at 11p.m.  Went to Henry Mayo Hospital first thing to find her pretty much out of it. She didn't know who I was which was heartbreaking for me. Apaperaddict arrived a few minutes later and my youngest step-sister soon after that. The doc came in and said she could go home - no reason for her to stay! She couldn't walk, wasn't eating and was incoherent. Our patient advocate, Apaperaddict, put on her 'nasty pants' and won the sparring match with the discharge dummys. She stayed an extra night until we found an appropriate skilled nursing facility for her.  Skilled, however is debatable!


SewCalGal said...

My heart and prayers to you and your family.


EngrSandi said...

I was so sorry to hear about your loss. I know you and everyone that loves her will miss her and remember her in your hearts.

Diane Rincon said...

Your mother was fortunate to have you as a loving, helpful presence in her life, and in this journey. My mother's decline ended 5 swift weeks after her Alzheimer's diagnosis. She left on her terms as much as was possible. I'm grateful for that.

Jaye said...

Love the picture you posted with the post. Thanks for sharing!