Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Busy Week

The past week was busier than any I can remember in a long time!   Starting out fairly early, 8 a.m., I went for a check-up blood test at a lab. Didn't get out of there until 9 a.m.! Everyone else in town decided to go early on Monday for blood work too, I guess.

After that I went to AAA for maps as my big bag of maps of everywhere I have ever gone was also a victim of the Christmas burgler. Unfortunately I didn't realize that until I was lost in Sacramento the previous Saturday.

It was already 9:45 when I got on the highway  to drive to The Grandson's. The weatherman threatened rain and the report I had early from artquiltmaker  was of rain on the peninsula.  Sure enough, as I crested the first pass, rain started and traffic stopped.  Being pretty much intolerant of stop and go traffic I got off the highway and got onto surface streets, made great time, got lost, and got back on the highway. Right behind the truck I had been behind when I left the road in the first place!

So I stayed in the slow traffic to the second pass where the rain was so hard I couldn't see five feet in front of me! Good thing everyone was driving 15 mph! At the junction wher I decide which bridge to take I actually picked the nrthern  one and everyone else took the southern one! Yea for me.  But by then, 11 a.m., I was frazzeled. My Starbucks radar kicked in and I stopped for a cuppa. Caffeine was probably not a good idea but the comfy chair, pleasant music and happy baristas calmed me down.  After a few minutes of Starbucks therapy I hit the road again  and made it to TGS in a half an hour.

By the time I got there driving was the last thing I wanted to do. The rain was very light so we decided to walk down to the shopping center to have lunch. On the walk home, before we were even off the shopping center area, I took a header, landing on my knees and right elbow! Perhaps this was a day when I should have stayed in bed!

TGS got me up, we got home, he got to use his scouting Red Cross skills and with an ice pack and a sit down, I survived!

Tuesday was election day and I had signed up to work in our precinct. Together with the three others from our precinct and four from another precinct, we arrived at the fire station around the corner at 6 a.m. and converted the firemen's den into a polling place.

Voting was mostly slow with pockets of frenetic activity.  My co-workers were a lot of fun. Except for the long hours (I got home about 10:30 p.m.) I enjoyed participating in the electoral process.

Wednesday morning we got up early to drive to Roseville so we could pick up Roller Derby Daughter.  She was going to visit us for two days.

We did really well finding her in an unfamiliar place - yea maps! Got home about four and sat around playing cribbage and catching up.  We remembered that Wednesday was Farmer's Market day in town so hopped in the truck and proceeded to  buy goodies, geegaws and comestibles.  Great fun!

Back at home we BBQd, cooked fresh beets, and pigged out on cherries. Then more cribbage until oh dark thirty at night.  I fell asleep as I hit the pillow - no communing with the goddess Insomnia that night!

In spite of planning an early day, we didn't get out of the house for breakfast at The Mangy Moose. After the usual excellent meal, we headed off to Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf.  We ate, walked around, went in attractions and shops, ate again, and walked around some more.  Did alll the fun touristy stuff.

Around five we headed for the beach, having alerted artquiltmaker that we were going to descend, en masse, on her. RD had never met her nephew, TGS, and really wanted to.

After that we took the southern route to the east bay airport area where RD was spending the night in a hotel so she would make her 7a.m. flight.  And got lost. Again. No map. Drove around for 45 minutes trying to find the place. Finally did, despite the bad directions from the desk clerk and the wrong address on the reservation (H loop instead of H place).

We got back home around 1130 p.m too wired to sleep.  So I beat the Big Guy three games to none in cribbage!

We vegged Friday.

Saturday we were signed up in a booth at the senior center parking lot sale.  TBG was selling his concoction of 'Uncle Buck's Wood Butter' and I was face painting.  He did well, coming home with a profit. I had four customers which left me in the hole after the cost of the paints. But it was fun to be outside and talk to so many people.

We are vegging again today. Except my studio exploded! So I put away all the stuff which had accumulated and fell when I walked near it, last week while I was running around having so much fun.


Sherri D said...

Someday I am going to catch that naughty little gnome who keeps setting off fabric bombs in MY studio and make him (or her) clean up that mess! I would NEVER mess up my studio!!! :D

Jaye said...

Great post! Whew! I am tired reading it.