Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A visit to Columbia State Park

Our 20th wedding anniversary was the tenth of August and we decided to go see Columbia State Park and have lunch there.  While Strolling around the town we came to the Native Sons Museum and hall.  Our Son-in-law is a member of this worthy organization.  

We were quite surprised and proud to see the campaign button he used when he last ran for an office in the museum! (The blue button, top center)  What a small world

These are the two lead horses of the four-horse stagecoach team.  Rides were offered with discounts for senior citizens.  We enjoyed looking at the horses and the stagecoach.  We have, however both taken rides on stagecoaches and do not wish to repeat the experience!  Did you know a stage coach can go twenty miles a day? It is about 60 miles to Yosemite from Columbia which means it took three days to travel by stage from Columbia (which is near Sonora) to Yosemite Park when that was the common way to travel?  Hard to believe!

The Wells Fargo office desk
The other thing that amazed me is there was a charge by Wells Fargo (the mail carrier) when a letter was posted and another charge, depending on weight and how much the recipient appeared to want the letter, when it was picked up at its destination.

We had a good day, it was quite fun.  We ended it at the ice cream parlor/theater with some delicious dessert!

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