Friday, August 5, 2011

creativity : (

...or lack thereof.

As you probably have noticed I have not blogged in a while.  Have hit a creative wall.  Maybe a life wall?  I have neither sewn, made art nor done a lick of housework since I got home from vacation.  In theory, vacation should have left me rested and refreshed.  But I came home exhausted, sore and grumpy.  Bummer!  I'm not taking me on vacation again!

Tonight I had dinner with my girls and the boys (grandson and son-in-law).  SB daughter brought over the paintings she has done.  They are so creative!  She is an inspiration.  When she left to go back to her hotel I went up to artquiltmaker's studio and we talked about sewing and shopping and life.  It was a good evening.  Even the 82 mile drive home didn't bother me and seemed to be over in a flash (perhaps it was the fries I picked up at McPoison's on the way home?).

So, when I did finally get home and unload the truck I actually did a little artsy thing.  Months ago the girls treated me to an evening at A Work of Heart in San Jose.  We made some cool winged hearts wearing crowns.

I really like mine but felt it was missing something - like an eye.  I have been thinking about putting an eye on the heart for some time but didn't follow through.

Yesterday I received a copy of the magazine "Where Women Create" from a friend I hadn't seen in over a year.  It was such a thoughtful gesture!  And it came with a card that made me feel like I really do have friends even if they are 'in absentia' currently.  The envelope the card came in was pretty close to the same color I had painted the canvas to which the heart was mounted.  So last night I drew an eye on the envelope, kind of practicing for the 'real' one I was going to paint on the heart.  When I got settled here tonight I cut out the eye and was going to glue it on but decided I would just use tape so I could decide if I liked it or not.

I'm glad I did.  My first reaction is to not like it.  Maybe I like it a little now.  But maybe also it would look better drawn directly on the heart.  Or on a different color paper and glued on.  Or maybe I should paint it on paper and glue it on.  I think it needs to be darker.  And the paper it is on looks jaundiced!  Kind of like my current outlook on life?

So what do (all two of my readers) you think? 

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