Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Red Sketchbook (last entry on this subject - I promise!)

Yesterday I went to San Francisco to the Madrone Gallery to see the 2011 Sketchbook Tour.  I checked out several, including my own and artquiltmakers .  It was so great to have my sketchbook in my hands!

I remember from an art history class I took in college a story about the modern artist, Clyfford Still.  He disliked having his art on display and out of his control.  He would paint over works that had been viewed because he said he felt as tho the work had been 'raped'.

I now understand the part about disliking one's art being out of one's direct control.  I really miss my sketchbook.  Wanted to add to it and subtract from it when I had it again in my hands but of course I couldn't!

Other than that, it was a good feeling to know my work is in a gallery.  The show was very well attended and there was a line of people waiting to get in.  Once inside getting a 'library' card and checking out the books went very smoothly.

I tried to find a link so you could go directly to the digitized images of my sketchbook.  However the Library is still building the website so in order to find my work one has to just slog through it.  I looked through the first 14 pages and gave up.  Maybe in a few weeks they will have finished with the website and it will be easier to navigate.  In the meantime.  It is fun to look at other sketchbooks. Go to this link to see the sketchbooks.

I wish I were able to do the project again this year even though I agonized over the project last year.


Sherri said...

I wanted to do this project too, but I just could not get over the idea that I could not keep it in my possession ever again! lol

What fun, to be able to see yours and Artquiltmaker's again like that!

Jaye said...

Interesting take on artwork. Once the quilt is done, I am done with it. However, I don't necessarily want it out of my fabric closet. Hhmm. Guess I'll have to think about that one.

MaryC said...

Perhaps when I do this project again I will draw, photograph, and put the photos in the sketchbook. Because I really want my sketchbook!