Saturday, January 9, 2010

Beach or pool - watercolor painting

Have I mentioned that I taught a watercolor class last year? Here is a sample of my watercolor art. This was a gift to my daughter and son-in-law and usually hangs in their dining room. As they are in the midst of painting the inside of their house it currently resides on the floor in the living room! But that is good for me because I could take a photo and post it for all to see. My daughter has requested I do this same exact painting in neon green, hot pink and GKW other wild colors! I also did the framing on this one.

My watercolor students have been asking about another class and I do want to teach again. However I think I will offer a basic drawing class as drawing is like the foundation of a house. It holds every other art skill together and makes them better. So to all of you out in blogland - DRAW!

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Jaye said...

Perhaps smaller versions that I can hang on each side?

Not too neon!!! Just bright and cheerful.